HANDLE – Handles are made of wood or plastic. Wooden handles are often used in larger screwdrivers. The most common screwdrivers have plastic handles. The handles are shaped to allow for a greater grip while still being comfortable to the hand. Non-slip or insulating covers of vinyl or rubber are often added to the handle to improve grip.

SHAFT – One end of the shaft fits into the handle while the other end is formed into the tip of the screw driver. Small specialized screwdrivers can have a non-metallic shaft but most screwdrivers have a plated metal shaft. Consumer screwdriver shafts are usually nickle-plated to prevent corrosion. Screwdrivers for professional use usually undergo a nickel flash bath and are electrically chrome-plated with chromium to prevent discoloration and corrosion.

TIP – The tip is actually part of the shaft. It is the part that is shaped to mate with the screw. Higher quality tips are precisely ground and chrome-plated.