TORX PLUS Screwdriver

Camcar LLC also developed an improved profile which they designated TORXPLUS®. Instead of ‘V-shaped’ points the torx plus has ‘U-shaped’ points. It has a 0° drive angle versus the 15° drive angle of the standard torx system. This allows for the torx plus screwdriver to mate better with the torx plus screw sidewalls providing greater torque and less wear.

The torx plus system is known as ‘Torx TS’ and has the following features:

  • Spreads driving forces over larger area which ensures optimal torque transmission with reduced clamp load
  • Straight, vertical sidewalls eliminate cam out
  • Completely encloses driver bit which reduces tool slippage and application damage and extends tool life
  • Little or no end load is required to keep the screwdriver engaged in the screw recess which reduces fatigue and muscular stress during manual assembly
  • Maximizes engagement between driver and screw (true 0° drive angle)

While standard torx drivers can be used to drive torx plus screws, it is not recommended since there will be a loose fit that prevents full torque. Torx plus drivers will not fit standard torx screws.
There is also a tamper resistant version of torx plus screw that has five lobes instead of six with a post in the center and is known as a torx TX.

TORX Security Screwdriver

This type of screw has a post sticking up in the center of the screw which prevents a standard tork driver from being used. It is known as security, tamper resistance or pin-in torx screw and has the designation of torx TR. It requires a torx security screwdriver that has a hole in the center to allow the post to pass through.

TORX Screw Holding Driver

This is a torx screwdriver that has built-in spring pieces on the tip that apply force against the walls of the screw and keep it on the tip of the driver. It is helpful for positioning the screw where there is limited access.

TORX Ball End Driver

This is a type of torx screwdriver that has screw-mating surfaces on a ball on the tip. It allows the driver to be up to 25 degrees offset. This allows for limited access and easy entry when the screw driver doesn’t have room to align exactly with the center-line of the screw.

External TORX Screw

This is a type of screw head that actually has the shape of a torx screwdriver tip. A special torx socket is used to drive it. These are often found on automobile engines.

TTAP Driver

The ttap® screwdriver has a standard torx tip with an additional conical-shaped extension on the very end of the tip which mates with a recessed cavity in the ttap screw. This allows for a stick fit with no wobbling which allows for one-handed operation without a magnetic holder. Collated screw feeders also work well with the ttap screw.

Regular torx drivers can drive ttap screws, but since the ttap drivers have the extension they will not fit standard torx screws.

There is also a tamper resistant version of the ttap screw.