Screwdrivers are defined by the type of screw they drive. The screwdriver tip must match the hole shape and configuration in the head of the screw. There are many types of screwdrivers including the following:

• Slotted (flat, straight)
• Phillips screwdriver (Phillips head screwdriver, cross head)
• Pozidriv (SupraDriv, crosspoint)
• Square
• Robertson (square)
• Hex
• Hex socket (Allen)
• Tri-Wing screwdriver
• Torq-Set
• Spanner head (snake-eye)
• Triple square
• Polydrive
• One-way-Clutch
• Spline drive
• Double hex
• MorTorq
• Bristol

Mortorq®, Torq-Set®, ACR® and Tri-Wing® are registered trademarks of the Phillips Screw Company. TORX® is a registered trademark of Acument Global Technologies’ Camcar LLC.

Of all these, the most common are the slotted, Phillips, Pozidrive, Robertson, TORX and Hex socket.